Wednesday, 4 May 2011

ASOS Rocks

ASOS has saved the day for me once again and in my mind is one of the best websites for the perfect going out dress. There is such a great selection of dresses on the site for you to choose from that suits all tastes, shapes and sizes. I always seem to find more than one thing that I adore and often have to put something in my save for later file while I decide which one to actually buy!

I have been surfing the site for the last week in search for a dress for a girlie night out this Friday to celebrate one of my best mates birthday's. I have been selecting dresses I like and saving them while I make my decision but was resigned to the fact that I may have to wear something I already had. Which to be honest didn't particularly excite me and although I had saved a number of dresses none of them really floated my boat in the cute, sexy category. Anyway I received an email today from ASOS giving everyone free next day delivery on order placed by 5pm tonight. Its one of those very clever tempting emails that they know will make so many girls click and have a little look. After all there is no harm in looking is there!???
So I become one of those people who succumbed to the tempting offer and clicked to be transferred directly to the website. Minutes later I was scanning the 1000 dress options in front of me and suddenly spotted a cute little strapless bodycon dress. I clicked on the dress expecting it to be sold out in my size as many of the dresses I select generally are! Much to my delight they had a size 8. So I quickly clicked add to basket as I noticed the time creeping to 4.45pm. I quickly clicked to go to checkout, selected next day for £0.00 and entered my card details and went to place order. Yay I did it my dress will arrive tomorrow. I just hope it looks nice on!??

So now I have my dress my only problem now is accessories!!! I have a bag which will go perfectly but feel like I really need some nude shoes to match and some funky earrings too, maybe even a nude or white blazer as I have a feeling Friday is going to be a wee bit chilly!!!
Oh no I am sucked in now as I need to complete my outfit properly now. I am thinking a quick trip to town on Friday afternoon should do it. I know if it looks good I have a hen night the following weekend that i can wear it for as its a different crowd of people and another family party it would work for especially if I get a blazer. Right that's it a shop is most definitely in order......well I need to take something back then so a spot of swapping may be in order. Its not spending if its swapping!!!

Cant wait for my girlie night out now.

Here is my dress of choice - I choose the nude and yellow version because its more on trend but it also comes in black, white & pink too

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Bambi said...

Unfortunately although I loved this dress it didn't fit right around the top so I had to send back : (