Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Confessions of a Shopaholic - 10 best excuses to go shopping

After doing a recent talk on 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' I thought I would share with you some of the top 10 very reasonable and justified excuses to go shopping. So here they are:

Excuse 1: A shopaholic never has anything to wear: 

We regularly only wear 20% of the contents of our wardrobes at anyone time therefore we get bored of our clothes very quickly. Giving us the perfect excuse to go shopping

Excuse 2: Its exercise

An experienced shopaholic can burn up to 500 calories and cover up to 3 miles during a 3 hour shopping spree. Therefore its the perfect excuse to go shopping with the added benefit of an outfit at the end of it.

Excuse 3: Its a stress reliever

Shopping helps us de-stress. Its not called retail therapy for no reason. It helps keep us sane and men safe so provides us with the perfect excuse for a spending spree while men hit the golf course. They want us to be happy after all.

Excuse 5: Its Satisfying

Shopping provides women with a great deal of satisfaction - lets face it there isn't many activities that provide a release of feel good endorphins and you have something to show at the end of it?!

Excuse 6: Its on sale

Sales provide shopaholics with the perfect excuse to buy a shed load of crap we never wanted in the first place but we need to go shopping for fear of missing out on that amazing bargain

Excuse 7: Its an investment

Pound for pound, everything we buy is a complete investment as it can be worn again and again. At least we aren't spending it on useless gadgets we will never use!

Excuse 8: We are helping the economy

We have probably single-handedly & collectively helped save the economy from recession so you must keep shopping


Excuse 9: Its in our DNA

We are born to shop. Its in our DNA. Our mothers have essentially taught us how to shop from an early age and so the behaviours have been learned, adopted and passed down from generation to generation. These is nothing we can do

Excuse 10: It makes the world a better place

Shopping is a basic human right and helps the world become a better place as it makes women happy!

If all else fails simply adopt the shopaholic prayer: I do....

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kerry norris said...

Love this post list! It's all me to a tee. Had me giggling for ages x