About me

Welcome to my blog, I am Liz Griffiths, otherwise known as Bambi, by my friends because of my big brown eyes and clumsy tendency to fall over!

I am a fully accomplished shopaholic, absolute fashion addict, lover of celebrity gossip, PR type and aspiring fashion journalist, I try to ensure I am always hot on the heels of the fashion world by spending most of my spare time brushing up on the latest fashion news, monitoring cutting-edge trends, sifting through the pages of glossy magazines, scouring the shops for my next fashion fix and creating my own original ensembles, so I can report my findings to you, the reader on my blog. I even have a page dedicated to my daily outfits so I can share my own distinctive style with my readers.

To me, fashion is about using items of clothing to express your own creativity and not always following, or copying current trends to an inch of your life, but interpreting and adapting them to create your own. With a plethora of garments available to us in the shops, and online, to use as inspiration, fashion is about being brave, having fun and experimenting with new colours, patterns, cuts, trends and looks to develop your own individual style. I try to adopt this rule when dressing every morning, and think of the office as a runway for showcasing my latest outfit. My fun approach to fashion allows me to have a very open-minded attitude to new trends and styles and I'm always willing to give something a try, at least once, so I can report my thoughts and views on every trend and style in the fashion domain. I love using the pages of fashion magazines as inspiration to be that little bit more daring and scrutinizing the outfits on display both on, and off, the runway.

When i'm not writing this blog, I am either working, cooking for my hubby, jumping around in the gym or socialising with friends.

Cheers xx


I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it xx