Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Personal shopping queen wannabe

I have signed up to do a one day personal shopping, image consultancy and styling course in London this weekend with Faye Marriott of Style Aware. The course aims to teach us about wardrobe weeding, how to advise on different body shapes, proportion dressing, colour consulting and personal shopping. 
There is only going to be 5 other girls in the group so it is a pretty small intense learning day with Faye that will end in a practical assessment.  I have always been interested in styling and so I am hoping that this course will just verify what I already know and help me learn how to apply it to the real world and start a mini business as a personal shopper/image consultant.I would loved to have done one of the longer courses they offer at the academy but don't have the funds or the time so am hoping that this course will provide me with the grounding and ideas I need to expand upon myself.

I am also now looking for guinea pigs who fancy spending the day shopping with me so I can test and utilise my skills on 'real people'.  

Drop me a line on lizoulton@hotmail.com or @lizoulton on Twitter if interested. 

StyleAware was founded by Faye Marriott, who has over 10 years industry experience, having worked with Vogue (UK, China, Spain, USA, Japan), Marie Claire, Stella Magazine, The Saturday Times, Harper’s Bazaar and Esquire to name but a few. With experience gained working with numerous celebrities including Mischa Barton and Savannah Miller, Faye turned to styling ‘real’ people of all shapes and sizes. As a fully qualified style consultant, Faye and her team are ideal to assist in all matters regarding your style, image and fashion needs
We are all meeting in Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge on Saturday morning so I will be able to tell you all about my experience on Saturday evening/Sunday and let you know how I got on.  

Find more about the other courses they offer at http://www.styleaware.co.uk/index.html 

In the meantime my biggest question is what the hell am I gonna!!??? 

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