Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Girlie gathering

I am having my two best buddies, Becky and Natalie over for dinner tonight. It is a tradition we started a few years ago so that we could get together for a girlie gathering during the week but keep it cheap, so we take turns to cook her each other and sit around drinks Schloer. 
Shloer white grape, Shloer red grape and Shloer rosé

Whoever, invented Schloer is a genius as we love drinking it out of wine glasses to make us feel like we are not missing out on a glass of wine and now that my friend Becky is pregnant it is even better, as if me and Nat have wine, she doesn't feel so left out. Anyway I will be joining her on the Schloer tonight because I am getting an early train to London tomorrow morning & am also trying to cut down on my midweek drinking. 
So I woke up this morning thinking what am I going to cook for them.  As the weather is decidedly chilly now I really wanted to cook something warming and tasty, like a casserole, so after looking online, I have chosen to cook Beef Bourguignon for them.
Beef bourguignon

I have found a recipe on BBC Food and must admit most recipes that i find on the website are pretty tasty, so if my meal later looks anything like this I think i'll be happy. Im off to Tesco to get my ingredients at lunchtime and then I can't wait to get cooking it.

I love my girlie gatherings as we literally do not stop talking from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave. We are all such chattaboxes, its hilarious. I haven't seen Becky for a few weeks now and last time I saw her, her bump was getting really visible so I am looking forward to seeing how she is progressing and hear all the low down on her pregnancy antics. Last time I saw her she showed me and Nat the pregnancy book she was given when she went for her scan and some of the pictures were a little disturbing and left us all crossing our legs and cringing at the idea of giving birth! Her pregnancy stories are always amusing so looking forward to the next installment tonight.
My other friend, Nat is moving home from Miskin to a brand new build in Llanharen and is caught up in all the trials and tribulations linked to moving home, which sounds decidedly stressful. She is moving next Monday and then going to New York the later in the week so think the whole situation is stressing her out a bit....maybe I will drop her a glass of wine to help her de-stress!

Anyway must fly and get on with some work before I skype my designer for a chat...

Have a good day Xxx

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