Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Look Blogging competition entry

As a dedicated buyer of Look magazine, lover of celebrity gossip, accomplished shopaholic, PR type, serial blogger and aspiring journalist, I believe I have got the perfect package to become the Look Magazine AW Catwalk show blogger and here I present my case.

Vital stats:
Name: Liz Griffiths
Age: 30
Location: Cardiff/London
Occupation: PR and Marketing Manager

This is me..

I have been a PR professional for the past 8 years and have consequently learned how to put a creative spin on anything from pies to pageants, enabling me to developed a unique and entertaining style of writing, perfect for reporting on, not only what is happening on the catwalk, but also capturing the reactions of the celeb studded audience to the latest ensemble to hit the runway.

As a self-confessed shopaholic, absolute fashion addict and aspiring journalist, I try to ensure I am always hot on the heels of the fashion world, and spend a lot of my spare time brushing up on the latest fashion news, monitoring cutting-edge trends, sifting through the pages of glossy magazines, scouring the shops for my next fashion fix and creating my own original ensembles, so I can report my findings on my blog. I even have a page on my blog dedicated to reporting what I am wearing each day as a means of sharing my own distinctive style with my readers. 

Some snap shots from my gallery...


As an aspiring fashion journalist, I believe I truly understand the importance of fashion in everyday life, and try to report items on my blog that people will find of interest, and useful. The tips and advice features I have written have proved a massive hit, with more than 200 hits on my article on the rules of wearing Palazzo pants alone, highlighting how  my natural eye for styling - perfect for commenting and critiquing The Look Show.

To me, fashion is about using items of clothing to express your own creativity and not always following, or copying current trends to an inch of your life, but interpreting and adapting them to create your own. With a plethora of garments available to us in the shops, and online, to use as inspiration, fashion is about being brave, having fun and experimenting with new colours, patterns, cuts, trends and looks to develop your own individual style. I try to adopt this rule when dressing every morning, and think of the office as a runway for showcasing my latest outfit. My fun approach to fashion allows me to have a very open-minded attitude to new trends and styles and I'm always excited to give something a try, at least once. I love using the pages of fashion magazines like Look and Vogue as inspiration to be that little bit more daring, so I would relish the opportunity to sit front row at the Look AW show scrutinizing the outfits on display both on, and off, the runway.

So I have presented the case for yours truly to become the winning blogger for The Look AW show and believe my passion (bordering on obsession) for fashion, combined with my wacky personality and creative writing skills, makes me the perfect candidate for the job. I have already scrubbed up on what trends we can envisage to hit the high street next season so am fully prepped on what to expect and I have even reported on my blog, therefore I have my pen poised, my notebook at the ready, my iphone fully charged to tweet and my outfit selected, so now I’m just awaiting your email.