Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Baring the mid rift is back.....apparently

I read in the Daily Telegraph's fashion news today that much to the despair of most of us, baring our mid rift is back in fashion. However don't be despondent, the trend is simply about subtly flashing just a subtle slither of the upper waist rather than exposing inches of bare flesh.

The fashion that was pioneered in the 50's by the likes of Bridget Bardot and Marilyn Monroe, who championed high waisted pencil skirts and cropped tight-fitting knitted jumpers, demonstrated how the trend could be worn in a sophisticated and elegant manor, however in the 90's the fashion became common and trashy, after Kate Moss rocked a grungy slashed-to-the-navel t-shirt, and every high-street honey copied the fashion on a Saturday night. 

Now the fashion is back with a vengeance, most of us will be delighted to hear that this time round we are mimicking the 50's elegance and sophistication by simply flashing a small section of our mid rift, an area often described as an erogenous zone, and a sneaky peep can be quite sexy. 

The key to pulling off this trend is to think about the length of the top and the height of the trousers, skirt or shorts you are wearing with this trend. The two garments should almost meet in the middle, but not quite. 

"You don't have to train with Tracey Anderson to make this work," says celebrity stylist, Grace Woodward. "High-waisted bottoms flatter curves, enhancing the waist's thinnest point. A gap of flesh here will draw the eye to the smallest part of the body."

For those of us a little weary about flashing bare flesh at all, you could wear a lacey body or contrasting coloured vest top underneath your cropped jumper or t-shirt, so you simply flash a portion of contrasting colour or material instead.

The fashion has already been advocated by the likes of Alexa Chung, Daisy Lowe and Sarah Jessica Parker, all blessed with slight size 8 or smaller figures. However it can definitely be pulled off successfully by the larger lady as long as you stick to the high waisted rule.

Topshop showcased a few dresses earlier this season with subtly panels of sheer or cut out sections, to reveal a small portion of the mid rift, introducing us gradually to this cheeky little trend, so as we continue into A/W 2011 it will be more about sporting this trend as a two part separate ensemble.

Cream Floral Print Crochet Waist Dress        Purple Lace Panel Bodycon Dress By Dress Up Topshop**

The guess the question this A/W is will you dare to bare? 

As always, Happy shopping xx

Article seen on - http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/news-features/TMG8683812/So-will-you-dare-to-bare.html

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