Monday, 16 May 2011

The rules of Palazzo Pants

When Palazzo pants first hit the shops, I thought wow these are perfect for the summer months. Not only will they help you achieve an ultra relaxed, effortless, boho look, perfect for summer chilling, they are also easy to wear and fun. So when scouting around the shops, I spotted a few funky patterned pairs in Primark and decided to take the opportunity to try them on. However, much to my disappointment, I found them extremely unflattering. As a petit 5ft 4, they made me look rather short and squat, which in turn made me feel very unconfident in them. To say I wasn't a fan of the look was an understatement. However I do find that the clothes in Primark can often be an unusual shape and fit, so decided that maybe I should experiment with a few other pairs in order to work out how to achieve the perfect look with these summery trousers. 

After experimenting with a few more pairs of Palazzo pants, I came to the conclusion that there are definitely a few rules that you need to obey in order to achieve that perfect, summery, boho chic look, that will flatter your body and make you feel confident and comfortable in them.

Petit girls beware....
So the first thing you need to be aware of when purchasing a pair of palazzo pants, is that although they offer a really effortless, boho chic look, especially when accessorised with a wide brim hat and bangles, the wide leg style will naturally make any girl look shorter and squatter, especially if you are already on the petite side. Therefore, in order to add height to your body these should be worn with a pair of heels or wedges, which will help make you look taller as well as adding length to your legs.  

Fitted top is a must....
With the wide leg style already widening the bottom half of your body, you need to minimize the size of your top half by wearing with a fitted top. To achieve the most flattering look, you should also opt for a high waisted pair worn with the addition of a belt to ensure you accentuate the smallest part of your body, your waist.
Unless you are ultra slim like the model below I would not recommend wearing Palazzo pants with a loose fitted top, as you are not embracing any of your natural womanly features and simply resulting in a frumpy, unflattering look.

Image 4 of TFNC Wide Leg Palazzo Pants
Image 1 of TFNC Wide Leg Palazzo Pants
Image 2 of TFNC Wide Leg Palazzo Pants
Image 3 of TFNC Wide Leg Palazzo Pants
Image 4 of TFNC Wide Leg Palazzo Pants
Image 1 of TFNC Wide Leg Palazzo Pants

Rules of wearing Palazzo pants
Here are my rules for when wearing Palazzo Pants.
  • Small patterned or plain - To achieve the most flattering look I would recommend choosing a pair with a small floral pattern or simply plain, as larger patterns will make your legs appear larger than they are.  
  • High waist - I would recommend going for a high waisted pair of trousers which should be accessorised with a slim, complimentary, but brightly coloured belt, in order to accentuate the smallest part of your body, your waist. A high waisted pair will also help make you look taller by elongating your legs.
  • Fitted top - Wear with a tight fitted top or a top tucked in at the waist to pull you in on the top half and help you achieve a natural pear shape that is womanly and flattering. 
  • Heels or wedges - Always wear with a pair of heels or wedges to elongate your legs, making you look taller and slimmer.
Anna Lynne McCord from Beverley Hills 90210 shows us the best way to wear Palazzo Pants below and obeys all the rules listed above. 
Her high-waist gold and cream one-piece was accessorised with a belt and beaded necklace


Macy said...

hi, im extremely short but im dying to try and don a pair of palazzo's. googled, "can short girls wear palazzo pants?" and got your post. :) it really helped me in deciding on whether or not I should buy this pair online. Thanks, dear! mwah!

Bambi said...

Wow glad I could help : ) Xx

Ayu said...

As Macy said, I did search under "can petite wear palazzo pants" lol and I got to your blog. Very helpful! As a matter of fact I have thick wool orange palazzo that I've been dying to wear (but never worn yet) and I've tried coordinating with few outfits and it seems to work good.. and your post gave me a confidence that it should work! (e.g. - emphasizing waist, high waist, etc). Thanks for this post!

Bambi said...

That's fab. Glad I could help Xx

onelisab said...

Bambi, Thanks for your advice. I am scouring the internet for Palazo pants. I am petite 5 feet. I wear a size six. I am 55 years old and am dying to find a pair to wear to a wedding. We will be dancing. I love fun funky clothes. Do you have a suggestion on where to find the right Palazzo?

Aimi Farhana said...

i'm short too and i envy with girls that wear palazzo! I've tried once and it is so comfortable. But to wear them often in a crowd of people, i dont think so. Kind of shy. hehhee

suma said...

thanks for your help