Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My H&M disappointment

So I have a girlie night out this Friday with my buddies Kerry and Emma and I was in desperate need of a new dress for the occasion. The plan is to get super glammed up so I needed a sexy, cute dress to fit the mood for the night. After trawling round all the high street retailers and surfing every online fashion outlet I eventually came across this cute little dress on H&M online. So after checking whether I could get it in store I ordered it online instead as it was still in stock in my size. SO I placed an order on 22 April and paid for the dress. I then got an email with my order confirmation on and was informed that my dress would arrive between 26-27 May! Which would miss my girlie night out on 7 May!! Bloody great. Now I have been informed that it will arrive at the beginning of June. This is ridiculous, either the dress is in stock or it isn't. You shouldn't be expected to wait for almost 2 months before an online order arrives. I am appalled and think the service is just awful. I just hope the dress actually arrives?

Another dress I ordered at the same time was supposed to have been dispatched on 26 April and I still haven't received it so god knows where that is right now???
I am feeling like I should send a letter of complaint now! Rant over but if you pay for something you shouldn't be expected to wait such a long time for the item especially if they have taken the money from my account which I anticipate they have!

Has anyone else experienced the same thing from H&M

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Bambi said...

Now more than a month later I have finally received an email to say the dress has been dispatched but it hasn't arrived yet! I probably won't even like it now & will have to find another dress for the wedding I am attending abroad in less than 3 weeks now!