Friday, 6 May 2011

ASOS disappointment

The next day delivery temptations!!

On Wednesday I received an email from ASOS offering shopper free next day delivery on all orders placed until 5pm that day. So I thought that gives me the perfect reason to buy a dress for my girlie night out this evening to celebrate one of my best friends birthday's. After having a scan of the dress page I spotted a lovely bandeau dress which was perfect for my girlie night out so I quickly placed the order and started to plan the rest of my outfit for the evening.
My to my disappointment I received an email the following morning to tell me that the dress was actually out of stock so they had refunded me? Confused I went back on to the website to find an alternative but when i went to check the stock of the dress I had ordered, much to my surprise it was still in stock? So I thought well I still have a chance to get the dress in time for this evening so re-ordered the dress and emailed to inform them what was happening and that now I had to pay for next day delivery. Then later that day I received another email saying the dress was out of stock and that I had been refunded! So I checked the website and again the dress was in stock. This is ridiculous either they have the bloody thing or not. I re-ordered and emailed ASOS to find out what was going on. I received an email to say they were looking into it.

This morning I have received another email to inform me the dress is out of stock and an email from the customer care team telling me it is in stock but there much be an automated virus in the system cancelling orders. So that is just great because even if i order it today I wont receive in time for my night out tonight so its almost pointless but it has become an obsession and I need to get hold of that dress now!!!

I am now more than ever determined to get hold of that dress whatever it takes. It has become a bit of a mission now. One way or another it will happen but I am mighty pissed off with, however i have never experienced this service before so I am extremely surprised about this mighty piss up and very disappointed that I don't have a new dress for tonight now :(

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