Monday, 9 May 2011

Make-up magnetized - rock chick nail varnish

Rock chick nail varnish

Despite my hangover, after seeing my friends really cool cracked effect black nail varnish the night before I simply had to take a trip to Boots to purchase some of my own. As an added bonus when I arrived at Boots they had a 3 for 2 offer on beauty products. Amazing this mean't I could get three things now and immediately my body was magnetically pulled in the direction of the make-up counters. As I am always buying eyeshadows that I either already own in the exact same colour, just a different brand or buying colour I actually will blatently never wear, I decided to focus on purchasing just some new nail varnishes instead. I immediately grabbed the Barry M cracked effect nail varnish that you simply paint over any colour and it produces a really cool effect over the top. Then I just had to decide which two to buy to accompany the special FX one. The first one was an easy choice as I am wearing a lemon/taupe bodycon dress next weekend and spotted a perfect yellow coloured nail varnish that would go perfectly with the outfit so that was sorted. Then couldnt resist a bubblegum pink nail varnish which would just look cute with anything and was very summery. So I was now sorted with my 3 for 2 until I spotted a silver one which would look great under the cracked black nail varnish so I was presented with a dilemma. The offer was only 3 for 2 and I was now holding four!? Well I needed the cracked one and the lemon one and after much deliberating over the silver or pink I ended up purchasing them both! I still got one free anyway and now have more than £10 on my advantage card to spend next time.

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