Monday, 9 May 2011

False eyelash assessment

Over the last few years I have become a big fan of fake eyelashes for special events or occasions and have tried and tested lashes by Eylure, Girls aloud, Sex & the City, MAC and Girls with Attitude and without a shadow of a doubt my favourite false eyelash strips have to be by Eylure for their Girls Aloud range.

Not only are the girls aloud lashes extremely reasonably priced they offer lashes for all occasions and they are nicely shaped for a natural finish whatever the lashes. Although my favourite of late are Cheryl Cole's new lashes, I have pretty much tried all the girls lashes and have found that different ones work for different occasions.

The new Cheryl Cole ones I am wearing in the below picture are a far cry from her previous lashes which was very harsh, dramatic and frankly quite hard to wear without someone looking at you thinking you are blatently wearing fake lashes. Although I did wear them once or twice I wasn't convinced by them, however her new pair are fluttery, full but extremely natural looking. They blend in with your natural lashes extremely well and although I needed to trim the length a little, once I got that right I thought you could achieve a very pretty natural look which simply enhances your natural lashes. A definite thumbs up from me and one's I will most certainly wear again.

Cheryl's lashes

Nicola's lashes

Nicola's lashes were my favourite until the new Cheryl one's came out but they are still a pair I would use again. They give you a more cat like look as the ends kick out to the side more than the Cheryl pair so they can give you a lovely slanted eye look - but make sure you trim them so they look as natural as possible. I actually wore these ones for my wedding day but probably would have preferred the Cheryl one's if they had been out. Below is me wearing them for my sister in law's wedding

Nadine's lashes

If you want to opt for a more dramatic, heavier look then Nadine or Sarah's lashes are ideal for this. They are great for a more glam look on a night out but not so much a pair you can get away with in the day as they are too full for my liking. Below I am wearing them on New Year's eve as I was going for a more glamourous look.

I hope this helps you choose the perfect pair of lashes for your night out. I definitely recommend the girls aloud range and if you remove them carefully and put them back in their packet they can easily be worn at least twice or three times. Depending on how intoxicated you are when you take them off!!

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