Saturday, 5 April 2014

Power dressing

I think that power dressing is such an important tool that all women have the ability to possess and abuse but many women don't. I was on a train with a colleague recently and since she got a promotion I have noticed that she has taken to power dressing for work with sharp blazer, sky scraper heels and figure hugging pencil skirts or dresses. When I mentioned it to her she replied to me "I think its important to dress for the job you want, not the job you've got."

In the PR world, the office attire is pretty relaxed and casual and I'd go as far as to say that anything goes, as long as you look smart and presentable.  However, her statement stayed in my mind for a few days after and I started to consider my wardrobe and how I could start to combine being fashionable, funky and a little bit sassy with more sophisticated and powerful dressing. 

So since then I have started to consider what I am wearing in the morning and the influence it might have on the way people see me as a professional in the office. You would be surprised about how people form a particular opinion about you just by the way you dress. We are such a materialistic and judgemental society that the way you dress not only reflects your personality and feelings but also your professionalism and general outlook on life.

Anyway I have started dipping my toe into the power dressing ocean by adopting this new approach to my dressing on specific occasions....particularly if I have a meeting but also if I have a work event or date night. I have been surprised by the impact that wearing fitted dressed or power pencil skirts has had on the way I have felt. It has definitely made me feel more confident, elegant and powerful and the response from colleagues has also been positive, reinforcing my desire to wear more powerful clothing.

Power dressing also doesn't have to be conservative and boring, you can rock a pencil skirt with sass and style and experiment with different patterns and accessories to create your own individual style stamp.

Top tips for power dressing:

  • Snuggly fitting pencil skirt is a must or a fitted dress  
  • Pair of killer heels (but not too high that you cant actually walk in them)
  • Statement necklace
  • A good quality bright coloured lipstick!
  • ....the rest is your choice
Now go shopping my fellow fashionistas, rock the power dress and turn heads in your office!

My favourite power items in the shops now are:

Miss Selfridge - both £25
Black Floral Pencil Skirt    

Black Lace Skirt


Topshop (I am loving the leather/pleather pencil skirts as they are sophisticated yet sassy as the same time and help give any power dressing outfit an edge. Pair with a funky tee and statement necklace to dress down and rock it)
Cobalt Leather Calf Pencil SkirtLeather Panel Pencil Skirt  Leather Panel Pencil Skirt
£125                                         £95

AX Paris - all £30 (love the black panelling down the side of the top two dresses to create a slimming silhouette effect - perfect) 

ZARA - both £34.99 (although in order to power dress you always need a pair of killer heels)




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