Tuesday, 25 March 2014

NOWSEEN.COM - 20% off

NOWSEEN.COM offers an amazing selection of high quality accessories to help any true fashionista add some extra bling to your fingers, ears or neck. Only made from real gemstones and precious metals, all the items on NOWSEEN are unique, elegant and stylish and now they have a very sparkly diamond collection - some of which can be seen below. 

The sophisticated pieces appeal to any budget as you can get your hands on these sexy items for a very reasonable priced £19. However the more extravagant pieces packed full of the girls best friend can be picked up for £110.....and now I am offering you 20% yes 20% off any purchase made on NOWSEEN.COM. Simply visit http://www.nowseen.com and put BAMBI in the discount code box at the checkout - happy shopping readers :) 

0.15ct. White Diamond. Sterling Silver.0.03ct. White Diamond. Sterling Silver.

0.25ct. Blue Diamond. Gold Plated Sterling Silver.0.25ct. Multi-coloured Diamond. Sterling Silver.

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