Monday, 24 March 2014

Cocopomme jewellery - exclusive 10% offer

A brand new jewellery brand has just launched in South Wales from a very mysterious young designer called Kate (she wouldn't give me her real name, age or details of where she is from) as she wants to remain illusive and maintain an element of discretion around herself)

Anyway the brand is called Cocopomme and it has been born through Kate's love for accessories and everything cute and kitsch. She says that craved unique, bespoke, individual items of jewellery that would not be worn by everyone other fashionista strutting down the street. She loves small, independent boutiques and was inspired to establish her own jewellery line.

All the items in her collection reflect her true passion for confectionary and are made up of her favourite biscuits and sweets. She says "Everyone loves sweets, they are not only delicious but also raise so many nostalgic memories for everyone and no mater what age you are they bring out the inner kid in you"

Her favourite pieces in the collection are the lolly necklaces as they are so realistic that they look good enough to eat. She says "Whenever I wear one of them people always comment on it and its stands out from anything anyone else is wearing round their necks."

Cocopomme was founded two years ago when founder, Kate just started making jewellery for fun. She got so many comments on her own designs that she decided to open an online shop which launched on 22 August 2013. Since then the brand has gone from strength to strength and she regularly receives fantastic feedback from her designs.

She is continually looking for ways in which to grow the brand and delicious new tasty treat to add to her current collection.

Here are some of my favourite pieces but if you fancy indulging in a treat for yourself readers of my blog can get 10% by using the code BAMBIBLOG at the check out -

Happy shopping :) xxx

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