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Calling all Fashionistas, a very exciting charity upcycyling event called "Ecover Shoreditch Swish", is taking place in London's trendy Shoreditch on Monday 15 October, to raise money for Fashioned For Freedom - a charity that aims to stop human trafficking.
The event being organised by Ecover and hosted by ethical fashion designer, Ada Zanditon and TV stylist Mark Heyes as part of Ecover’s Wear & Care campaign, is a great opportunity to pick up some fabulous pre-loved designer and celebrity clothes, whilst mingling with the fashion elite.
Lets face it, everyone loves new clothes, so this is a great way of helping to combat the rise of throwaway fashions, and learn how we can upcycle our wardrobes, as well as Wear & Care for our clothes.
What better way to do this than with a fun-filled, fashion-forward swish with special guests from the world of fashion?

The Concept
The swishing principle is simple - bring clothes that are hanging unwanted and loved at the back of the wardrobe – maybe they don’t fit any more, or you just have too many to choose from. Just make sure they are:
·         Lovely

·         Clean

·         Presentable

Then, just swap them for a token when you arrive and whilst others fall in love with your clothes, you can pick a shiny new outfit for free.

This exclusive, ticket only event starts at 5.30pm, in the Biscuit Tin, in Shoreditch House, East London. As well as having the opportunity to swish away your pre-loved fashion gems, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable style advice from the experts in an interactive style surgery with Mark and Ada.  
For your chance to win tickets to the exclusive event, please visit the competition page on The Splash.  Although Bloggers should email for a ticket


In keeping with the it’s ethical values, all surplus clothes from Ecover’s Shoreditch Swish will be donated to House of Beth to raise money for the Fashioned For Freedom project. Fashioned For Freedom is a pioneering fashion event created to raise funds to empower those directly involved in the prevention, rescue and reintegration of victims of trafficking, with funding going directly to the International Organisation of Migration’s victim’s support fund and Red Light Campaign.

For more information on Ecover and how you can win tickets, please see



About Fashioned For Freedom:

·         Fashioned For Freedom is an event organized by House of Beth and the International Organisation of Migration (IOM) a United Nations Agency. It is a pioneering ethical fashion event hosted by the BBC’s Olivia Godfrey and Nel Hedayat plus Angela Buttolph, editor of Grazia, to raise funds to empower those directly involved in the prevention, rescue and reintegration of victims of trafficking. The proceeds from Fashioned For Freedom 2012 will go to the I.O.M’s victim’s support fund and Red Light Campaign. For more information and to buy tickets for this year’s event, please see:

·         House of Beth is an online ethical fashion marketplace selling pre-loved clothes on behalf of charity shops and ethical brands. House of Beth focuses on styling and collections in order to help charity shops move into the fashionable sphere. The clothes are styled into collections based on inspirational women such as Audrey Hepburn and Virginia Woolf. House of Beth models are beautiful and unique. They cover a range of sizes and ages and they are not airbrushed.

About Ecover:

  • Plant-astic is a 100 per cent renewable, reusable and recyclable plastic made from

sugarcane and Ecover is the first cleaning brand in the UK to use it, and will use Plant-astic across its product range from 2011. The new bottles will look and feel like the current bottles, but consumers will be able to distinguish them by looking out for the distinctive green and blue Plant-astic logo.

·         Ecover is effective - Ecover harnesses the power of nature to create highly effective and supremely ecological cleaning products.

·         Ecover is sustainable - Ecover uses sustainable plant-based and mineral ingredients. All ingredients are chosen to ensure Ecover’s products are as effective as possible whilst also achieving the lowest possible toxicity and the most rapid and complete biodegradability.

·         Ecover is pioneering - Ecover continually strives to improve its product range and has spent seven years developing a new ecological surfactant for use in its hard surface cleaning products. This new Eco-Surfactant means the range cleans as well as – or better than - the UK’s leading conventional brands.

·         Ecover is a truly ecological company - Ecover operates from its world-famous ecological factories in Belgium and France. The company's guidelines for environmental criteria, the selection of ingredients and manufacturing processes are far stricter that those required by EU legislation. Ecover has been recognised by the United Nations Environment programme (UNEP) for their outstanding practical achievements for the protection and improvement of our environment.

·         Ecover is closer than you think - Ecover’s ecological factories in France and Belgium are just 200 and 250 miles from London. This is approximately the same distance between Manchester and London, so although Ecover is not based in the UK, the transportation miles involved in distributing their products are comparable to those of UK based cleaning companies.

·         Reuse, Reduce, Recycle - Ecover’s plastic bottles are made from polypropylene and polyethylene which are 100% recyclable.  Both bottles and tops can be recycled together. Ecover offers a refill service through its health food store network which allows consumers to save money and plastic resources. Visit to find out where your nearest refill station is.


About Ecover’s Wear and Care campaign:

·         Make Wear and Care the latest addition to your fashion and beauty routine and not only will you know that your beautiful garments and fashion favourites are in good hands, but you can walk with a spring in your step knowing you are doing your bit for the environment too.

·         Ecover has a whole basket of laundry products that not only help to ensure that you can wear your latest fashion purchases or little black dress time and again, but will also help to care for them by remaining kind to the skin and the environment:

§  Concentrated Laundry Liquid - using less to wash your favourite jeans

§  Concentrated Bio and Non-Bio Powders - developed to perform at 30°C, meaning you can turn down the temperature without turning down performance, plus you'll use less energy to keep your clothes clean

§  Fabric Softener - natural fragrances and plant based ingredients keep your clothes smelling fresh whilst being gentle on soft skin

§  Delicate Laundry Liquid - perfect for finer fabrics and hand washing your cashmere jumper and nude chiffons

§  Stain Remover - our mighty stain buster comes to the rescue to banish everything from red wine to make up - your favourites are in safe hands

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