Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines date outfit

With Valentines Day upon us, I have sought out a few dresses that might be suitable, whatever the situation. Whether a first date or a steamy date with a long-term love, there is an array of dresses to match any occasions below.  If its a first date you need to go for something a bit more subtle, not too short and not too much leg on show but still a little sexy and fun. If you are on a date with a long-term lover you probably want to be a bit sexier to get your man all hot under the collar during the meal to make him want to rip off your clothes later!!! : )

Here are a few suggestions to wet your appetite. I would suggest a simple black blazer worn over the dress to chic them up a bit too and maybe with the cold winter weather some nude tights, as they are a little sexier & more revealing than black, which can look a bit officey.

Plain Drape Front Dress
Fuschia pink wrap dress - £46 

Moss Crepe Drape Dress
Classic & simple black wrap dress - £34 - perfectly subtle for a first date

Polka Dot Cowl Neck Dress by Love**
Polka dot cowl dress by Love - £36

ASOS Strapless Skater Dress with Sweetheart neckline
Strapless skater dress - £45

ASOS Lace Dress With Scalloped Neck
Lace dress with scalloped neck - £45
ASOS Wrap Dress with Sequin Cuff
ASOS wrap dress with sequin cuff - £45

ASOS Midi Dress with Cross Back Strap
ASOS midi length dress with cross back - £30
TFNC Babydoll Dress with Sequin Bodice
TFNC babydoll dress with sequinned bodice - £42
ASOS Sexy Pencil Dress with Pockets
ASOS sexy pencil dress with pockets - £40

Lace Belted Dress
Lace belted dress - £55

Cowl Drape Dress
Cowl Drape dress - £60


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