Monday, 1 July 2013

Crop tops - dare to bare?

When I have been scouring the shops of late I have noticed that cropped tops seemed to be creeping back into the stores and lurking among the rails waiting to be selected by the fashion brave. This is a trend that can look really great but requires a few little tricks to ensure that we don't let it all hangout in the wrong place, because lets face it, we don't all have washboard abs...even if we wish we did.
Therefore I promise you that this trend is not just for the fashion brave or very skinny, these can be worn by pretty much anyone - you just have to know how to wear them. The trick isn't even that ground-breaking, it is simply to wear them with high-waisted skirts or trousers so that only the most flattering area above the belly button is on-show. 

So my top tips are:

  • Avoid cropped tops with horizontal stripes, especially if you have a larger bust as it is always going to make your top half look wider and top heavy.
  • Stick to small floral patterns or plain cropped tops to minimise the attention and to keep the top half in balance with the lower half
  • Always pair with high waisted tapered trousers, high waisted shorts or high waisted skirts
Here are some of my favourite looks that are definitely worth a try, for day or night!

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