Thursday, 4 July 2013

Shine bright - fluorescent trend

Another trend which seems to be chasing the 'lime' light this summer and is hitting shop floors across the country is fluorescent. I noticed when I went shopping last weekend that there was an abundance eye-catching lime green, citrus yellow and neon orange brightening rails and screaming out to be picked up and worn. I actually do have a weak spot for a splash of colour and like nothing more than incorporating a little fluorescent colour into my outfit, whether a statement jacket, a pair of attention-grabbing shoes, or a bold blouse. The most fantastic thing about this trend is that you can incorporate a little or a lot of it into your ensemble, depending how brave or daring you are feeling - but you can be assured that you will turn heads wherever you go by wearing it.

Top tips:

  • Keep the fluorescent to simple items such as a colour-popping jacket, pair of audacious shoes or a bold blouse or tee
  • Pair a bright jacket or pair of vibrant shoes with monochrome outfit for a simple yet chic look
  • Complement a pair of statement patterned trousers by adding a head-turning neon tee in a matching colour palette
  • Choose a neon that you feel most comfortable in - the best thing about neon is the vibrant colours look great with most skin tones and colourings so its about choosing your favourite - I am a big fan of neon orange and citrus yellow

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