Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My leather purchase...finally

Ever since leather was announced as a key trend for the forthcoming season, I thought, this is my opportunity to finally purchase that pair of leather shorts I have been dying to try since they first hit the shops last year. Its not like I haven't tried the trend, I have, on several occasions, taken a pair of leather (or mock leather) shorts to the fitting room with me and stood in front of the mirror trying to convince myself that I could pull off the look convincingly, and not look like a try hard fashionista! 
Anyway this year, I decided to go for it and invest in a pair, although now, I am swain by the whole array of other leather garments hitting the shops and am very tempted by a leather skirt or dress, especially after drafting my leather feature recently. However, without going completely crazy I decided to stick to the leather shorts option, but rather than purchasing a full price item from one of our favourite retailers, because they are a little out of my price range, I decided to take a look at what the best auction site around had on offer.  
So I logged into Ebay, typed leather shorts size 8 into the search bar and clicked enter. Much to my delight, a number of items appeared one of which was a pair of leather shorts from Topshop, priced at just £18, and even better the auction was finishing 90 minutes later with no bids. Small problem was that I was going out in 90 minutes and was currently waiting for a friend to arrive....Hmmmm dilemma. I selected 'Watch Item' and set about getting ready for the night and then completely forgot about it. 

The next morning, I emailed the seller and asked her if she was willing to accept the listed price for the shorts, if they were still available, and waited for her response. Much to my delight she messaged me to say that she would accept the £18 listed price for the shorts and the £4 p&p. So I agreed and arranged payment through Paypal.  This is what I love about Ebay, I had managed to get a pair of real leather shorts from Topshop, originally priced at £59.99 for just £22. What a bargain. 
Several days later my shorts arrived and much to my delight they are in fantastic condition. Granted they are a little bit large on me and when the seller said they would fit a size 10, she was probably right, however for the price I got them for I cant really complain. I put them on with a nude body, that I was already wearing, and wandered around the house, glancing in every mirror I passed to strike a pose and check them out. 

A few hours had passed and I needed to go to Tesco to pick up some food for the weekend, so I ventured out in public wearing my shorts, nude body and a camel boyfriend jacket. Weirdly feeling like I was on show, and very aware that I was wearing my new leather shorts, I happily wondered around Tesco. I am sure I got less glances than I actually felt, or thought I did, but this maybe because everyone around me was in rather less formal or funky attire and I stood out like a sore thumb. To be fair I was more dressed for a shopping spree with the girls or a potter around London than a food shop in Tesco but hey-ho...at least I have now braved the trend and am ready to wear them out in a more suitable environment like a day in london with the girls or the office later this week...
I really don't know what the big deal with them is, but somehow I feel that little bit edgier and trendier now that I am rocking the leather shorts look lol !!! 

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