Friday, 5 August 2011

LFW excitement

With London Fashion Week in just over a month’s time I can only dream of attending a show and experiencing the mounting excitement and anticipation as the audience, full of top fashion critics, prepare themselves to be captivated and inspired by the creations of their favourite fashion designers.

I would give anything to sit on the front row of a fashion show, scrutinizing the creations of designers at the helm of the fashion world and being mesmerized by the theatrical nature of the catwalk shows, as models perform like walking pieces of art in a moving exhibition. I love the way fashion designers use the body as a muse to express their creativity and artistic flair to generate a series of wearable sculpture like pieces. Although the costumes you see strutting down the catwalk are not realistically ready-to-wear garments, the exciting thing is that you know that what ever is showcased on the runway, will filter down onto our high streets, and impact on what we will all be wearing next season.   

Although day-to-day, ready-to-wear fashion may not be as flamboyant and over the top as the pieces displayed on the catwalk, it is still about being creative. To me, fashion is about using items of clothing to express your own artistic flair and personality to the world, and with a plethora of garments available to us in the shops, and online, to use as inspiration, fashion is about being brave, having fun and experimenting with new colours, patterns, cuts, trends and looks to create your own individual style.

As a dedicated follower of fashion, accomplished shopaholic and aspiring journalist, I live and breathe fashion on a daily basis. I spend my time monitoring current and forthcoming trends, critiquing the outlandish and extravagant outfits displayed on the catwalk or on the pages of glossy magazines, scouring the high street for my next fashion inspiration and creating new and exciting ensembles.   

With just six weeks until LFW officially kicks off on 16th September, I am now counting down the days and will be glued to for the latest news and updates from the front row. In designer terms, as a Londoner living in Wales I feel compelled to support Julien MacDonald and check out what he has come up with this year, I also really like Henry Holland as he always produces a fun, vibrant collection of wearable garments, you cannot help but to want to check out Vivienne Westwood's collection for her exciting flamboyancy and extravagance and then there is Tom Ford's Women's Presentation collection, well just because, to name but a few.....and of course the Look Magazine catwalk show for the best in high street fashion. Cant wait....I will post up news as and when i get it to so make sure you stay tuned : ) xxx

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