Monday, 8 August 2011

Cath Kidson comes to town

The quintessentially British brand, Cath Kidson has finally arrived in Wales and unveiled its collection to the great Welsh public when it opened the doors to its first store in Cardiff on Saturday. Sandwiched snuggly between Leia and Jamie's Italian, on the outside of the St David's 2 centre and a stone’s throw from the main entrance of John Lewis, it is in a prime location to catch the eye of passers by.

From the outside you cannot help but to notice the array of unique, colourful products being showcased in its elaborate window display boxes that lure you into the store to explore the range some more.
As I entered the store I was immediately greeted by a member of staff standing in the doorway adding to the already welcoming and friendly atmosphere present in the store.  The store was really bustling, full to the brim of women in their element excitedly sifting through the new products laid out in front of them. What really caught my attention were the colourful displays of products hanging from the walls and neatly arranged on the cabinet in front of me.  There was such an array of products before my eyes that I wasn’t sure where to start, but I soon starting snaking my way round the store examining the assortment of trinkets available, most of which wouldn’t be out of place in the home of Bree Van Der Camp, in the US hit series, Desperate Housewives. Items ranged from 50’s style tea dresses to tote bags, aprons to oven gloves, purses to umbrellas and cushions to wall paper, all decorated with charming and colourful polka dots, stripes, animals or floral prints, characteristic of Cath Kidson.

I would definitely recommend checking out Cath Kidson next time you are in town, especially if you are after a kitchen or home-ware item. Not only is the store a real pleasure to explore, I would be surprised if you could resist the charm of the selection of quintessentially British products calling you as you weave around the store, so make sure you are armed with your credit card before embarking on a visit as you are destined to walk away with a bag full of products!

See below for some pictures from my visit and a few professional ones sent to me by the PR agency.

Enjoy & happy shopping xx 

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