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The rules of the Midi vs Maxi

Midi Vs Maxi

One of the seasonal style dilemmas this year is the Midi Vs the Maxi. The high street retailers are saturated with a variety of both skirt trends whether pleated, sheer, patterned or plain, there is one out there for everyone, you just have to obey certain rules in order to pull off the best summer look for your body shape & size.

The Midi
You have to be careful when opting for a midi-length skirt as they are notoriously difficult to wear and still make look flattering unless you are tall and slim with long legs. However, the can be worn by the shorter population among us, however we just have to obey the rules in order to carry off the most flattering look and maintain a chic & trendy appearance.
·      The midi skirt tends to hit the legs at mid calf height which can make the legs on a shorter girl look even shorter and also depending on the shape of your leg, accentuate the size of your calf. However if teamed with a pair of heels you will immediately elongate your leg and your calf muscle, making the skirt more flattering.  I would suggest that you never wear this trend with Never flat court shoes unless you are blessed with a longer leg.
·      If this style of skirt is worn high on the waist it can also work to elongate the legs giving you a more flattering look.
·      If you opt for a pleated midi-skirt, the vertical length pleats will also work to elongate your legs presenting an altogether more flattering look.

MYellow Leaf Print Button Front Midi SkirtWhistles Erica Pleat Midi Skirt
   Leaf print button front midi from Topshop  Lemon pleated midi from Whistles at ASOS 

 ASOS Neon Lace Midi SkirtASOS Button Through Midi Skirt

       Neon Lace Midi from ASOS       Denim button through midi from ASOS  

The Maxi Skirt
The Maxi-Skirt is another summer trend that can result in fashion disaster if you opt for the wrong shape, fit and style for your body. You need to find one that compliments your individual body shape so that you both look and feel amazing in this summer trend.

·      If petite in height you want to opt for a narrow/tight fitting maxi skirt with a high waist to elongate your legs and give the impression that you are taller and curvier than you actually are. As it skims your hips and then narrows again round your ankles it will create a curve, immediately giving your body a more sexy curve. Whether it is patterned, pleated or plain doesn’t matter so much as long as it is a narrow/snug fit, it will flatter you.
·      If you are a curvier girl, you should opt for a slightly looser fit but not too asymmetric. A high waist is very important though as it will help to accentuate the smallest part of your body then skimming past your hips straight down to the floor, flattering your curvy figure but not accentuating it. Make sure you do not purchase one that is too tight as it will hug every part of your body right down to your ankles (the slimmest part of every girls figure) accentuating your hips even more.
·      If you are the taller and slimmer girl you can go for the wider, looser fitted or asymmetrical skirt and it will give you more shape and will not matter if it shortens you as you already have the height to play with.  You can also wear lower on your hips to help give you curves that you may not naturally have.


Orange Maxi Skirt Beige Silk Floral Maxi Skirt By Boutique
   Burnt Orange Maxi from Topshop     Beige floral print silk maxi from Topshop

Biscuit (Stone) Pleated Maxi Skirt | 225871115 | New LookASOS Full Maxi Skirt
      Beige pleated maxi from New Look                 Denim maxi from ASOS  

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