Tuesday, 26 April 2011

City shorts are our summer lifeline

When I first saw in Look Magazine the other week that City Shorts have hit the shops this season and will be a must-have trend for the summer I breathed a sigh of relief. I was super excited and immediately in love with the new style longer length shorts.

Ladies, we should hail down and worship this new trend as we no longer have to try to squeeze ourselves into tiny little hot pants or leather shorts which lets face it aren't always the most flattering for anyone. The little denim hot pants are great for festivals or the beach but should not be worn in the work place or on the streets. As for the leather shorts I have been trying to work them for the last six months but for some reason i feel far too over styled when I wear them and could never see myself working the style in work or at the weekend. As a manager I couldnt be seen to dress like my office juniors as I didn't see it a professional or sophisticated. However, the new city shorts are exactly that! Perfect for work or weekend. Hooray.

Especially with the summer approaching there is no hiding those legs under a pair of opaque black tights and lets face it we don't want to be sweating in trousers or tights so we need to be able to get our pins out on show but unless you are super skinny or super toned every woman is a little wary about baring the very top of their thigh in fear of flashing cellulite ....and lets face it....other people don't want to see it either!!!

The city short is super chic, sophisticated and trendy and allows you to work the summer short trend but suitably covers up the dodgy top part of your leg that most women are extremely self-conscious about anyway and generally best kept covered.
They are available in a variety of flowery and plain summery colours in all stores but my favourites are in Topshop as there are so many varieties on offer and they aren't too expensive. One good pair could probably get you through the summer as what is so great about them is their versatility. They can be worked up for a smart office look by being paired with a basic button through sleeveless shirt (see below) from Topshop for £18 or for a more casual weekend look you could go for a simple vest top or funky t-shirt.

I do however think these shorts are best worked with a pair of heels to keep the legs elongated because like the midi skirt they can make the legs look shorter if you go for a too long style. You need to make sure they do not come below mid thigh.


I am loving:
Coral lace trim shorts from Topshop priced at £38
Rose Cupro Pleat Front Shorts from Topshop priced at £34
Coral Lace Trim Shorts
Rose Cupro Pleat Front ShortsFloral Knot Back VestBasic Button Through ShirtWhite The Rock And The Roll Tank

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