Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Dont hang up your heels......they are good for your health

I have just read an article on that proves heels rule over flat shoes which is great news for girls who want a good excuse to keep tottering round in sky scraper heels like Dolly Parton but not good for those of us whose feet are in agony after taking just a few steps in our much loved new pair of stilettos. I dunno about most girls but I always need to wear a good pair of flat shoes when I am on a proper shopping day out. When I am on a mission to shop til I drop I need to rely on my feet to carry me round every inch of every shop to ensure that I do not leave any rail unrumaged through and no shop left unsearched. However research apparently proves that flat shoes are actually bad for out calves so I guess at least kitten heels will now be required to ensure we shop stylishly and healthily!?

Swapping heels for flats can damage your calf
By Bridget March 16.07.2010, Comments (2)

Girl putting on high heels

You're not alone after a long day in the office in swapping your heels for a pair of pumps of comfy trainers to head home in.

However, whist most of us thought we were doing our feet a favour; it seems it might be at the expense of our calves.

According to scientists if you regularly wear heels, your calf muscles can become shorter and weaker so when you switch back to flats the muscles stretch into a position they're unused to causing pain.

Scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University found that the shortening effect of the muscles can become permanent and the only way around it is to do stretching exercises at the end of the day.

Try placing your foot on a step with the heel hanging off it, then lowering it until the calf feels stretched.

We'll never give up our heel habit but in light of this are making a resolution to swap in some sexy flats more often.

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