Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Bambi loves Hareem & Jumpsuits pants

After much deliberation about Hareem pants I have come to the decision that I am a true lover of them. I avoided trying them on for a good few months after purchasing a pair of sequin ones at Christmas and being referred to as MC Hammer by my boyfriend and sebsequently returned the place of purchase to find them among the sale items heavily reduced. Luckily i had a receipt so got a full refund on the ghastly trousers but after that experience decided maybe they were not as fashionable as I thought and should be avoided.
However as time went on I saw them continue to grace the fashion pages of Look magazine as well as on celebrities like Sienna Miller, in abundance on the pages and filling the rails of New Look and Top I decided to give them another go and now I cant get enough of them. Not only are they really comfy to wear but actually look really good on as well. You just need to find the perfect pair.

My recommended outlets

- For cheap and simple black ones I definitely recommend New Look and at £12 you cant really go wrong!

- For stylish, fun and affordable all in one festival style jumpsuits and hareem paints is most defintely the site to visit. I got a fab hippy stle strapless one from there for like £15 and the hareem pants are the same sort of price definitely a bargain

- For chic work style jumpsuits I definitely recommend Top Shop, a little pricier for sure but I bought a black and cream animal print all in one with a v neck and buttons down the front for £60 and everyone in work loved it.

Go for it they are the must have for 2010 in my perspective and can be worn for all occassions

Happy shopping : )

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