Monday, 7 January 2013

Customize your legs with LYCRA FUSION

Calling all budding fashion designers and creative fashionista's, LYCRA Fusion fibre is now giving you the opportunity to customize your very own pair of tights to create fun new looks for your pins everyday. 
The LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre technology allows you to snip, cut and customise your tights, providing you with the opportunity to develop bespoke designs that suit your individual style – with no need to worry about snagging or laddering.

Customising your tights with the knowledge that the holes will keep their shape means that you can get creative with colours, layering, shapes and textures. The holes you cut can vary in both size and shape, so you can decide exactly how much of the material you want to show through from your tights underneath. Try experimenting with a combination of colours to match your favourite pair of heels or mix two bold shades if you really want to stand out. A lace or textured pair of tights worn under your customised LYCRA® FUSION™ fibre hosiery will achieve a unique layered affect.

This is the perfect opportunity to put your own stamp on a simple wardrobe staple, tights with LYCRA® FUSION™ fibre will ensure you can express your style with individual hosiery to compliment any outfit. Every look will completely be your own.

Tights with LYCRA® FUSION™ fibre are available in the UK from the Andrea Bucci brand at ‘’ in an exclusive range of colour ways. Choose from Black, Grey, Purple, Brown, Navy and Burgundy, each priced at £12. ’’ also has a wide variety of trend driven styles you can combine them with – the options are endless!

Here are a few ideas to get you started but why not try some designs of your own...I know I will be..

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