Friday, 4 January 2013

Let the treadmill become your runway

With the New Year upon us and everyone feeling the post Christmas bulge, there is a definite need to hit the gym to get back into shape for the Autumn, and with a new range of ultra cool gym gear that has just been launched us fashionista's can do it in style. 

The Lords of Lycra, Bodyism have just launched an amazing new collection of gym gear that will make you want to run to the gym just to show off your sexy new ensembles. Although I do own a set of perfectly good gym gear, I always like to spruce it up for the New Year, as its not particularly fashion inspired, and now I can. 

The Brazilian Body Collection is a must-have selection of sports bras, leggings, capris and vests in standout shades that will be the envy of even the best dressed gym bunnies. Not only are the fabrics high-tech and sweat wicking - they also promise to sculpt your legs and hold in your tummy, so what are you waiting for. Let the treadmill, become your runway! 

Items from £40 and available from

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