Monday, 9 January 2012

Kate Middleton - 30 years in fashion

In the last year or so Kate Middleton has stood out as somewhat of a fashion icon, not only for British women but also for women worldwide. It is rumoured that her style is even admired by the likes of the uber chic Victoria Beckham, who has designed an exclusive dress collection unique to Kate herself.

Kate has been in the limelight for the past six years or so, since she first started dating Prince William, but it is only in recent years that she has landed in the style stakes and established herself as fashion icon for British women. Her chic, sleek and sophisticated style is admirable, and not only is she beautiful, she is married to the future King of England, making her the envy of women across the UK.

Her style status has made her the lady that all fashion designers and high street retailers want to be seen or photographed in their items, because they know it will result in a frenzy to get hold of that garment and an automatic sell out. In fact it has been reported that the Duchess of Cambridge can be credited for £1 billion boost in the economy after her wardrobe choices were sell out pieces.

Marketing experts have estimated that British women are spending an average of £250 per year to emulate Kate's classic style. Not only have women been copying her trademark style, they have also been copying her bouncing luscious chocolate brown locks, nude tights, feather fascinators and sapphire gems.

Therefore, in celebration of her 30 years, and in honour of her fantastic styling, here are some of her best, most famous and well documented outfits. 

The famous engagement dress by Issa

A classic by Reiss to meet Michelle Obama

Whistles for a day out shopping

Another Reiss dress for the royal visit to Canada

Dress by Zara for an evening out


Dress by Bon Marche

Although most of her clothes are high street, they are the high-end of high street such as Reiss or Whistles, which not many of us can afford for our everyday attire, however, there are plenty of copies of the high-end pieces on discount websites such as &  

Happy Birthday to the Duchess of Cambridge & happy shopping to you : )

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