Monday, 10 October 2011

Saturday's Shopping Spree - H&M raid

I pottered into town on Saturday to check out the Vintage Pretty Fair in Ten Feet Tall which was ok, but not as great as I was anticipating, plus the light in the room where all the stalls were positioned was really poor and you couldn't really see the colour of the garments properly which was a bit rubbish really. There were a number of nice jewellery stalls but there wasn't a great deal there. Still was worth a quick look but if you are into vintage things its probably best to check out the vintage fashion fair taking place this weekend at Cardiff's City Hall. For more details check out my events page.

Anyway after visiting the trade fair I pottered on to H&M, which is currently my favourite high street store because there is absolutely loads of great stuff in there at the moment. I spent a good hour circling the store and rummaging through the various aisles and clothing racks picking up a selection of skirt, tops and jumpers and making an embarrassing three trips to the one changing room they have in-store!  The first time I went I had picked up a cream vintage mesh skirt, a lace dress (in a variety of colours), a metallic jumper and a snakeskin print pussy-bow blouse. However, after trying all items on I decided that I really liked the cream vintage midi skirt but needed to find something to go with it. So after doing another circuit of the store I picked up a cream lace tee and a number of other tops to try on with it and made my second trip to the changing room.
The cream lace tee has a mesh lining on the front but is more see through on the back with little buttons all the way down it (very cute) and went perfectly with the skirt I already had. I then accessorised with a fur shoulder wrap and a gold pendant necklace which looks like this when put together.....

When I got home I paired the fur shoulder wrap with my camel boyfriend jacket (also from H&M) to complete, what I thought was a very cool ensemble. I also added some brown worker boots as well.

The receipt:
The cream lace tee was just £12.99
The skirt was £24.99
The necklace was £6.99
The fur wrap was £12.99

There was an abundance of items I could have bought in the shop but managed to resist and decided to just purchase the items above as when combined together they created a complete funky, vintage style ensemble for just £58, which is a pretty good deal. What I love most about H&M is that it is affordable, good quality and generally bang on trend too so you cant go particularly wrong in there, plus you walk out for a whole outfit for just over £50. In other high street retailers you can barely get one item for less than £50, so in a time of wallet tightening, penny pinching, never endless credit crunch, us fashionistas need to shop where our money goes the furthest so I would definitely recommend a visit, coz you are guaranteed to skip out beaming with delight at your purchases and savings. 

After my spending spree in H&M I decided to make a halt to my shopping trip and take myself home before I spent anymore money!

Happy shopping :)

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