Friday, 7 October 2011


Well just because its Friday and its almost the weekend, I have a little treat for you. I have just discovered a fab competition on ASOS which allows us to win money to spend on the amazing is that...

The competition is based around a new feature on the ASOS website called 'Fashion Finder' which is a virtual pin board that allows you to play stylist with the garments on the website to create your very own, unique ensembles. Apparently its been around for a while but as a dedicated fan of ASOS, it's a feature I was however, completely unaware of. Anyway, for the month of October ASOS and Diet Coke have teamed up to launch a competition called 'Love your Style'.  

What you need to do:
Well basically we are required to sift through the pages of ASOS selecting garments we like that fit four key AW trends; Pussy Bows and Pencil Skirts, Heritage, Power Jumpers or Mod Squad. We then place them on our virtual pin board to create what we feel is the perfect trendsetting ensemble for our chosen trend. They will pick a winner each day who will receive £100 to spend on the site and then an overall winner will win £300.  

It costs nothing to enter but we all know the trick, as we will all rifle through the pages selecting our most desired pieces, pull together an amazing outfit and then be compulsed to buy it whether we win or not. I know ill be sucked in but I just got paid and may just be willing to take that risk. After all its just a bit of Friday fashion fun.....for now anyway!!!

Enjoy & good luck xxxx

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