Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My V Festival wardrobe

The time has finally come for my first ever festival experience, well camping anyway, and like all festival goers I am willing the weather to be on the sunny side, however being accustomed to living in the UK, I know how seriously unlikely this is. So after checking the weather for V festival at Weston Park in Staffordshire this weekend, it looks like I am gonna need to dress mainly for a mild overcast sort of weekend, as the forecast is unfortunately not looking too great. At the moment only mild rain is forecast for Sunday and the rest is just fingers crossed!

So, as I plan my wardrobe for the weekend, my first essential item is obviously a waterproof, which i didn't actually own until yesterday. After trawling round a few camping style shops for the cheapest, most effective waterproof I could find, I managed to buy one in Millets for just £9.99. It was in the child's section of the store because the teenage sizes are amble fit for a size 8 woman, so I grabbed an 'over the head' fuchsia pink one for 13 year old girls, which was priced at £14.99, and a good £10 cheaper than the adult ones, then when I got to the counter, it was actually in the sale, so I got it for just £9.99. Bargain! Just hope for that price it actually does the job and is a little bit waterproof, at least!! 

Along with the compulsory waterproof, the other festival essentials are a pair of wellies and a trilby. I didn't actually own a pair of wellies before last week, so I had to purchase a pair and found a great website (which I have mentioned before on my blog) called They had plenty of choice and at only £22 with free delivery they were the perfect shoe e-tailers for wellies. 
Another mandatory garment for festival attire is the trilby, not only because they look well, pretty cool, but mainly because after 3 days my hair is gonna be pretty gross, even with dry shampoo, so is going to be required to be covered up! 

The straw trilby below was from New Look (last year) & the wellies are black croc print festival wellies from

So now I have selected a few basic festival essentials, I needed to decide on the actual garments of clothing I was going to take to complete my festival look over the weekend. Considering the weather, I guess sundresses are out of the question, so I have carefully selected a number of favourite funky tee's from my wardrobe along with the traditional checked shirt for a few mix and match options, which will be paired with the obligatory little denim hot pants and a black tights. See below:

American flag sleeveless tee from Topshop  

   Panther sleeveless tee from Urban Outfitter

Tee and cake 'Women Unite' Tee from Topshop

    Denim hotpants from Topshop

 Topshop checked shirt with grey 'Wild Child' racer back vest by Rock Rebelz 

                   Red and blue Superdry checked shirt with B/W cheetah vest body

To keep me warm as the night draws in I have selected a tobacco coloured knit from Topshop and a white and gold tiger face sweat from Tesco. Accompanied with a pink and gold scarf.



I may throw in a hoodie and a pair of jeggings too just as an alternative to drive home in on the Monday morning too.

Apart from the wardrobe I have also packed:

  • Inflatable mattress
  • Sleeping bag
  • Camping chair
  • Torch & batteries
  • Packets of tissues
  • Baby wipes
  • Sanitizing gel
  • Dry shampoo
  • Mini mouthwash
  • Mirror
  • Sunglasses (being hopeful)
oh and cider.......there are some great deals on in the supermarkets to crates so make sure you stock up!

If you are heading to V festival this weekend, have a great time and I might just see you there!


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