Monday, 18 July 2011

Style Icon - Kate Moss

In celebration of the Glamour of the Gods exhibition of style icons taking place at the National Portrait Gallery over the coming months, I thought I would take a look at some of the style icons of the 21st century starting with one of the most definitive fashion models of the last 20 years – Kate Moss.

Kate Moss has been on the fashion radar since she was discovered at the age of just 14 in 1988. She was very different from the other curvaceous supermodel's of the 1990's which made the decision to thrust a skinny, waif-like young girl into the world of fashion rather controversial. Throughout her career, Kate has always been surrounded by controversy and went through a period where her appearance in the media was not positive. However, despite the consistent controversy surrounding Kate, she is undoubtedly one of the best-dressed models of our time and consistently appears in the best-dressed columns in magazines. Having worked for most of the big fashion brands in the world during her career, she has established herself as a real style icon, who is strong and confident and knows exactly what image she wants to portray to her fans.

I have always admired Kate Moss’s very relaxed approach to fashion. She has a very chic but effortless style which is generally very minimalistic. From day to day she tends to go for a bit of a boho rock chick edge, with her wardrobe staples being skinny jeans, t-shirt or vest and a blazer/tuxedo style coat or jacket, and typical of every fashionista, her outfit would not be complete without a pair of with oversized sunglasses and an oversized bag.

In contrast for the evening, Kate will often opt for a super lux loose fitting mini-dress with embellishment, fringing or sequins, showing off her best feature, her long lean, enviable legs. True to Kate’s style she always looks comfortable, relaxed and confident.

Kate is a festival queen and her staple festival look is some super short hot pants often paired with a waistcoat, to glam it up, and a pair of wellies and a satchel. This look is now reproduced by festival goers across the UK every summer in an attempt to achieve her effortless shabby chic style.

Kate Moss consistently highlights why she is one of the most successful supermodels of our time and always seem to get it right on the fashion stakes.  Her collaboration with Topshop to produce her own clothing range was an overwhelming success and gave us fashionistas a chance to copy her unique style for affordable high street prices. On the style stakes no one really comes close to reproducing her uber cool, relaxed and natural style. She is most certainly a fashion and style icon of our era and only seems to be getting better as she gets older.

Below is a selection of pictures from Kate Moss's wardrobe library archive that us fashion addicts can study in order to try and mimic her enviable effortless style. 



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