Thursday, 19 May 2011

Topshop raid

While I was working in my London office yesterday located just behind Oxford Circus, I couldn't resist the magnetic pull of the mothership that I call Topshop! On my train journey to London I had made the mistake of purchasing a copy of this week's Look Magazine which injected me with a massive urge to go shopping (as it does every week).

So I had a few hours to kill before I was going out for dinner with my boss so though there was no harm in looking!

My first spot was a fab pair of pattern trousers (pictured below) which resembled a pair in All Saints featured in this weeks and last week's Look Magazine. Whereas the All Saints pair is priced at £140 these are priced at just £30. They are a real steal and ultra funky. They can be made smart for work with a black vest top, blazer and heels or worn casual with a waistcoat, pumps and trilby.

Pink Animal Printed Jersey Trousers

My second crush was the top below that I had tried on last weekend but somehow resisted! This can be worn smart or casual depending what you team it with. I have tried it on with a pair of blue high waisted jeans, heels and a blazer for a smart look but you could add a denim grey or denim waistcoat and some hot pants and wellies for a more casual festival vibe. Priced at £38 it isn't too bad really as it is a statement top that people will definitely comment on. Available in petite or standard sizing too.

White Lace Leaf Bead Embellished Swing Top

I could have purchased a lot more but rapidly stopped myself with just these two items. I almost purchased pair of leather hot pants and even tried them on four times in each changing room on the lower level, however they just didn't feel like they were me. Although I do love the look on other people I just don't feel comfortable in them, for me it was a too try hard look so I decided to leave it to the die-hard dedicated followers of fashion and stick to my slightly safer, what I am comfortable in style. So my tip to fashion followers is don't just grab items that grace the pages of fashion magazine. Some styles just don't suit everyone. Use their suggestions and tips to create your own identity and style & make fashion fun.

Happy Shopping : ) xxxx

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