Friday, 26 September 2014

House of Fraser - True Fit

I have just recently come across a fantastic new free service from House of Fraser that will help you find the best fitting clothing for your body. You will never spend your shopping spree's trying to squeeze into ill fitting jeans ever again....I promise.

True Fit from House of Fraser is the world's leading fit and size recommendation service that means you will never have to guess your size again. It allows you to shop online with confidence and it will provide you with your own personal fit rating as well as size and brand recommendations tailored to your own individual specific body type and size. 

How does it work I hear you ask?

Its really simple. All you need to do it go to the House of Fraser website and visit the True Fit page - link here -,default,pg.html

Then you simply answer a few straightforward questions about your body type and the clothing styles you already know and love. The more information you provide about your body shape and size and the more honest you are, the better the advice you will receive on the best fitting items for you.

The True Fit search engine will then process the data you provide it to find the best fitting items on the House of Fraser website that will fit your shape and body. There is no physical measuring involved it just uses the information you provided and compares it to the standard sizes and shapes of the hundreds of brands stocked by the online retailer in order to find you the perfect items.

You will then instantly see your own personal fit rating and recommended sizes across hundreds of brands and style to you can get shopping. 

Its a fantastic tool and once that should certainly be exploited, especially if you have problems finding things like jeans that fit your body shape properly. And with hundreds of brands and styles available on the House of Fraser website you will have a great range of choice available to get shopping!

Happy shopping :) 

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