Friday, 25 November 2011

Friday Fashion Fix

Gosh, I have been pretty poor lately at posting on my blog, so I promise to spend some time catching up with all my fashionable friends this weekend.

I spent a few days in London this week and was only drawn to Topshop on one occasion but what a monumental pull it was as I ended up walking out with two jumpers, a pair of jeans and a shirt! lol

I only had an hour to scour the store, rush to the fitting room to check out what the items i had selected looked like off the hanger and to purchase them. So, as soon as i walked through the doors, I headed straight for the escalator downstairs and straight to work, cleverly avoiding the units of shiny necklaces, earrings and bracelets on the ground floor that my beady magpie eye is normally drawn straight to. As I got to the bottom of the escalator i immediately turned right, its a habit i seem to have established, and started scouring the aisles and rails scattering the shop floor, much like an eagle searches a field for prey. I often do a once round the store to establish is in stock, building a collection in my head and then matching items together with garments in my existing wardrobe or other pieces on the shop floor. I very quickly became overwhelmed by the amazing choice laid out in front of me as I could have swept up almost the entire shop floor and taken it to the fitting room, however very reservedly I stuck to casual items and decided to select a peach coloured chunky knit, a faded denim shirt, some twisted black skinny leather effect/wet look jeans with zips at the bottom and little zip pockets at the front.  I dashed to the changing room, checking how much time i had left on the clock before i needed to dart back to the office and waited in line for my turn.

As soon as i received my tag and my nod that a changing room was free i rushed through the next available door i could find and much to my frustration it was one with a broken lock, but I thought what the hell and simply placed my bag in front of the door to prevent it embarrassingly swinging open at the worst opportunity when i would be in mid change, flashing me underwear to any innocent passer-by. Once all items had been tried and tested I selected the following along with a pair of leather effect twisted black jeans (which i cant find on the website) and a teal knitted jumper:
Knitted Textured Slouch Jumper
Denim Fitted Shirt

However there are a load of items in Topshop that I also love at the moment....lucky its almost my birthday & then its Christmas : ) 
LIMITED EDITION Leather Waist Flippy Dress**  BAMBI LOVES
Knitted Lurex Slouchy Jumper
Knitted Sequin Sweat  BAMBI LOVES
Smudge Animal Print Pencil Dress
Velvet Halter Dress
Etched Rose Silk Tee By Boutique
Co-ord Pewter Metallic Blazer BAMBI LOVES
Tall Lace Flippy DressBAMBI LOVES
Petite Snowman Jumper BAMBI LOVES - SO CUTE 

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