Friday, 16 September 2011

Catwalk creations

After taking a sneaky peak on the Topshop website this morning to see what new items they have in my favourite store, I was pleasantly surprised to find a little piece of London Fashion Week in the form of some amazing new designer creations, just for us humble fashion lovers who are unable to watch the incredible catwalk shows from the sideline, unlike the celebrity fashionistas. 

These are incredible catwalk creations seriously resemble something you might see on the runway at LFW and are almost too hot to handle.  I am really excited to see such dramatic and eye-popping garments at incredibly affordable prices. They are certainly not for the shy and retiring type, you must be bold and confident to pull these off, but you can be sure to turn heads where every you go and be the envy of any fashion conscious individual in sight.  

One of my favourite is the one directly below and if I had the right occasion to wear this it would definitely be something I would invest in, however sadly I don't, so it would be wasted simply being worn in my living room with my hubby, but if you have a party coming up and want to be brave and make every girl in the room jealous....go get it before it sells out, because you can be sure it will.... 

Satin stripe peplum Dress by KTZ - £280 but worth every penny - bambi loves
Satin Stripe Peplum Dress By KTZ**

Stripe shirt dress by KTZ - £195
Stripe Shirt Dress By KTZ**

Devore Dress by Michael Van Der Ham - £200
Devore Dress By Michael Van Der Ham**
Silk dress by Michael Van Der Ham - £150 - Bambi Loves - as seen on This Morning
Silk Dress By Michael Van Der Ham**

Corset ballet dress by Rare Opulence - £165
Corset Ballet Dress by Rare Opulence*
Lace ballerina dress by Rare Opulence - £120
Lace Ballerina Dress by Rare Opulence**

Faux fur crop jacket by KTZ - £280
Faux Fur Crop Jacket By KTZ**

Exaggerated shoulder faux fur coat by KTZ - £450
Exaggerated Shoulder Faux Fur Coat By KTZ**
Silk skirt by Michael Van Der Ham - £135
Silk Skirt By Michael Van Der Ham**
Stripe sleeve faux fur collar jacket by KTZ - £380
Stripe Sleeve Faux Fur Collar Jacket By KTZ**

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