Monday, 1 August 2011

Vault Couture

The solution to all our wardrobe storage problems has finally arrived in the form of Vault Couture, an innovative and ingenious clothing concierge company. 

The company offers a range of services starting with a simple wardrobe organisation where someone will come over to your home, wash, iron, re-hang and re-arrange your wardrobe, archiving where necessary, and leaving you with a fully colour-co-ordinated and easy to navigate collection. Photographs will be taken of each garment and accessory and filed in a personal online catalogue, which can be viewed at anytime.  Each item is even given a unique bar code which stores the garments history (make, condition, size etc). 
The second service available is a storage service, where again someone will come over to your home and sift through the entire contents of your wardrobe, documenting and photographing each and every item. They will then take away all your reserve stock and store it in your own personal vault, where it will be organised by category, similar to that of a library. All the clothes will be kept in pristine condition in a state-of-the-art, climate and humidity controlled, air purified facility, with each item being stored in a breathable garment bag or wrapped in acid-free tissue and place in a breathable box. All items are accessible at any time and you can order any items for delivery to your door via its 24 hour concierge service. 

Another exciting and ingenious addition to this service is the Vault Couture iPad Application, where you can not only view all the garments in your wardrobe at anytime, whether in your personal wardrobe or in your vault, at a touch of a button, it will also also pull together suggested outfits for you. Seriously cool. No more even thinking what to wear in the morning, you can type in an occasion or look you are after and it will suggest an outfit!

This seriously is an amazing service, however is unlikely to be affordable to the Primarni, New Look and Topshop shoppers among us, despite the desperate need for such a service. I don't know about you but my wardrobe is literally overflowing and seeping from every draw, shelf and cupboard we have available. I am even sneaking things in with my husbands clothes now as I have broken my own draws for over-filling and am now left in the situation where I cant actually use them. So, with three draws down, I am in desperate space territory and with my ability to shop thriving more than ever, and not having much chance of dwindling, the situation can only get worse. For me its the shoes, belts and handbags I have difficulty with. Not wanting to throw anything away, as there is always an occasion where it will be called upon to make a debut performance, my bedroom now resembles that of a vintage clothing (or maybe second hand shop), with belts, bags and necklaces hanging from every hook possible. I am pretty lucky because my husband seems to put up with it most of the time, even if he does find my garments lurking in his side of the cupboard every now & then.  Even I admit that my stuff (or sh*t as the hubby might refer to it) is literally, everywhere but I do attempt the storage thing, and have a suitcase on top of my wardrobe bursting with unseasonal items, but that doesn't really help because when it comes to swapping items over I know I will still need to keep out a large proportion of it and will have to fight, once again for somewhere to put it all!!! Oh the problem continues!!.... 

Anyway for the person who came up with this idea, I want to congratulate them, and am actually annoyed I didn't come up with the simple yet effective concept first.  After all we have all seen cribs, not that spacing is a problem for the rich and famous but I can certainly see the cataloging of items and the ipad styling application being one that is desirable among the wealthy. Maybe I should initiate such a service for us poorer fashionistas! Whose in? lol

Visit to check it out for yourself

Happy shopping : ) xx

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