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Grace Woodward sacked from X Factor

After a series of questionable outfits worn by the finalists in last year's X Factor, it appears that stylist, Grace Woodward, well-known for her role as a judge on Britain's Next Top Model, has been axed from her role - see the article below for more details.

Sack the stylist! X Factor's Grace Woodward given the chop from show 'over dodgy outfits' rather than Matt Cardle romance

Factor stylist Grace Woodward - who had a relationship with last year's winner Matt Cardle - will not be returning to the show this year when it starts next week.

Grace, 33, who is currently a judge for Sky Living’s Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model as well as the host of fashion show Chick Fix on the channel, was responsible for some of the eye-popping outfits on last year's show, including Katie Waissel's helmet and Matt Cardle's neon trousers.
Katie Waissel and Matt Cardle (pic: Rex)
The north London fashion obsessive was drafted in by Simon Cowell, 51, to be fashion director for last year's show to make it more edgy. However, as with most people on the show, the contract was only for the series run.

Dropped: Grace Woodward will not be returning as fashion director on this year's X Factor
Dropped: Grace Woodward will not be returning as fashion director on this year's X Factor
Together: She dated eventual winner Matt Cardle during her time on last year's show
Together: She dated eventual winner Matt Cardle during her time on last year's show

However, she will not be on this year's show, with a source telling today's Daily Mail: 'Simon wasn’t always a fan of Grace’s styling and they’ve decided to look for someone else. The feeling was they wanted more of a household name.'

Grace's spokesman told Mail Online: 'Grace had a wonderful time on The X Factor last year and knows better than anyone how Simon likes to keep everyone on their toes, the rumour mill is always turning.
'Her career is moving  in many different directions and she is currently busy focusing on other TV and fashion projects, so exciting times all round.”

Talking in June this year, Grace confessed she didn't know if she'd be returning.
She told The Guardian: 'I have no idea. Last year I was given two weeks' notice. X Factor was a nightmare. But an amazing nightmare. You are working with normal people, yet I've never heard so many people say to me, "Erm, this dress isn't me." I just say: "You want to look like a pop star? Listen to me."'

Grace, who founded her own Grace Woodward Creative business in 2008, added: 'Simon [Cowell] is a very good barometer for the British public.
'But he's also a businessman and is acutely aware that when the finalists come out into the world they haven't yet become products.

'So last year he started involving people like me who work in the industry to help turn the contestants into pop stars. My styling took a while to settle with the public, but it did eventually.'

However, it seems Simon didn't agree and is doing without her services for the new show, which starts next week. 

He was apparently furious when she kitted out then-boyfriend and eventual winner Matt in a white vest.
Simon spat after his performance: 'It looked like you were dragged from the loo on to the stage.'

Grace, who is also involved in clever new fashion retail website as well as a host of other projects, can probably live without the show however. 

She was awarded Stylist of the Year 2009 by The Clothes Show and British Fashion Council and has star clientele including La Roux, Emilia Fox, Florence Welch and Pharrell Williams.
On her own TV show Chick Fix meanwhile she gives out practical lifestyle advice to women apparently as an antidote to 'faux girl power'.  

She has also grown in her role in the new series of Britain And Ireland's Top Model, which is becoming increasingly popular.

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