Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cardiff vintage fashion fair

If you are a vintage fashion lover, then you must buy a ticket to the Cardiff Vintage Fashion Fair taking place from 10am - 4pm on Sunday 16 October in Cardiff's City Hall. Tickets are only £4 and gives you access to an overwhelming array of vintage stalls stocking an eclectic mix of vintage garments. I have been to these fairs in the past and they really are fantastic but you need to reserve a few hours to have a good rummage around as there is so much choice in front of you, you need to take time get round it all.
The best items are the accessories, you will find an abundance of jewellery, belts, handbags, scarves, shoes, coats and hats.  I would recommend that you go there with an idea of what you are actually looking for and set yourself a budget because it is very easy to go crazy and spend an absolute fortune in these places.  Also, don't take the prices at face value, the stall holders are more than happy to barter with you, so name a price and go for it as you will get a bargain then. I only discovered this after I had paid full price for a top when i was there and then i saw a girl bargaining with a stall holder and got at least £5 off the item she was after. A lesson I have now learned for next time! 

Definitely worth a visit, especially if you are a magpie for all things vintage. You'll have a blast and are bound to walk away with some one-off pieces.

These fairs take place at various locations across the south West including Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Swansea and Hungerford so check out the website to see when your nearest fair is taking place - http://www.blindlemonvintage.co.uk/cardiff.html

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