Tuesday, 24 May 2011

To 'Dress-Up' or not to dress up

With party season near approaching, I though I would take a look at the recently launched Topshop 'Dress Up' collection.
I was immediately taken back by the insurmountable volume of glitter, lace, frills, feathers, pleats, tassles, sequins and studs that are found on these dresses. However when you take a proper look at the collection you can see that it is fun, young and edgy, and has been generated by a group of creative and exciting designers. All the dresses are bold, brave and striking in their own individual way and there is one to suit every taste and style on the high street from the rock chick to the girlie girl, you will have your pick of stunning, head-turning numbers. These dresses really break the mold of going out dresses available on the high street and bring catwalk fashion to our very grasp like no other retailer before. Although slightly pricier than the standard going out dresses in Topshop, they are still very affordable and you really do get what you pay for with these dresses as you can see the detail, work and thought that has gone into each individual item and will certainly turn heads wearing one.

Not all of the dresses are to my taste though and I have selected a few of my favourites and a few which I am not a big fan off.

My favourites are the two below which are dark and edgy with a smouldering sexiness about them. Although there is a lot going on in the black one by keeping it black it almost keeps it simple. This could be worn by someone who likes playing with the rock chick look and would be most suited to a club environment.

The red one is less sexy and more sophisticated and chic than the black dress but with enough detail to make it funky, especially with the feathers on the bottom hemline. This could easily be worn out to dinner followed by a smart bar or club and is still for someone who is less girlie and likes a twist to their clothes.

Both should be teamed with simple accessories to let the dress to the talking. My suggestion would be earrings, simple bag and some skyscraper heels.
Black Bandage Dress By Dress Up Topshop**Dark Red Feather Hem Dress By Dress Up Topshop**

These two dresses are far more girlie and fun than the two above but are still sophisticated and sexy. The gold dress would be perfect for a dinner date where you want to impress as you will only be getting your legs out and can cover up the top half so it gives off a sexy but sophisticated look but also says look at me!
The pink dress is more girlie in fuschia pink but would look amazing if worn with very simple strappy high heels and a chic up-do hair style. This dress is possible best worn on special occasions such as a party/awards dinner as you have the long and the short combined which can be harder to pull off in a club.

Both stunning dresses but again let the dresses do the talking and team with simple accessories to finish the look.

Gold Stripe Sequin Cap Sleeve Dress By Dress Up Topshop**Sequin Trail Mini Dress by Dress Up Topshop**

Some of the questionable ones:

The peach one has far too much going on for me. A few frills, pleats and bows too many for me. Maybe it would look better if it didnt have the bow round the middle and the layers in the skirt but it looks ridiculous too me.

The pale pink one in the middle isn't too bad but i'm just not keen on the frills down the side as i think it will add width to your figure and become unflattering.

Th multi-coloured one is just hideous, its a mish mash of colours, embellishment and then tassles too. Its just a creative masterpiece gone horribly wrong!
Salmon Ruffle Scallop Bandeau Dress By Dress Up Topshop**Pink Heart Frill Bodice Dress By Dress Up Topshop**Fairground Beaded Dress By Dress Up Topshop**

Obviously these are my opinions on the collection and only a few of my picks from the range available however to check out the whole collection for yourself visit www.topshop.com and make up your own opinion.

Happy Shoppping : )

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